We believe we are called to be a family. In love and unity, we endeavor to build God's kingdom together. As sons and daughters who are adopted into God's family, we submit to the will of our Father by serving one another with joy.


We believe in discipleship, and that God has called us to train others to  trust in Christ's finished work through the cross and resurrection.


We believe that God has called us to be a people of prayer who seek His face though heartfelt petition for  for the sake of the world.


We believe in the act of discovery. Curiosity and exploration of the triune God, will inevitably lead to  a greater revelation of His love for us and the world. 

One New Man

We believe wholeheartedly that we are called to be a One New Man  community who is comprised of Jew and Gentile. As such a community, we celebrate our Jewish roots.
We also recognize and wholeheartedly stand with the original host people people of Turtle Island , and the American and Canadian First Nations Indians as God's Kingdom narrative unfolds for them.